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by posted 05/08/2019
HAPPY SPRING! MJSLW has some exciting news!

Happy Spring MJSLW Families (Past, Current, Future)

I know it’s hard to think Fall while we are all anticipating Spring and Summer, but we think now is a good time to reach out to all of our Fall Soccer Families and let you in on some changes happening throughout the league. 

We are sure you are all aware that not only are we as a league losing players to other programs, but the West Side as whole has been taking some hits over the years to all of our youth sports programs. It’s time that we bring back that West Side pride and show the city of Manchester that we are coming for soccer full force! We are implementing a lot of changes to revamp MJSLW to make it known in our community that we are here to stay! 

The most important aspect of a youth program is sense of community and our families working together as a whole. In order for a program to be successful we need to work together to give our kids a program to be proud to be a part of. 

MJSLW is working together to reconstruct our Board of Directors, trying to engage more families and other outside community members to come together to make changes that focus not only on the game but to make sure each and every family comes out of this season anticipating the next. 

We have some fresh new faces on our Board of Directors with some really amazing ideas to bring to the table to make this coming season something really special for kids. We are looking into implementing clinics, community engagement events, an open house and much more. 

We are asking that anyone who may be interested in hearing more about our plans, want to learn how to help or have any suggestions on how MJSLW can improve join us:

April 18 at 6pm 
Station 8 Firehouse
280 E Industrial Drive Manchester

We hope to see you then!

Thank you, 

by posted 03/28/2019
Field Status
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PP1E - Manchester TBD (5/24) 
PP2 - Manchester TBD (5/24) 
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PP3 - Manchester TBD (5/24) 
PP3A - Manchester TBD (5/24) 
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